Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is the One Breakthrough Company with the Key to Global Commerce

I get emails from Motley Fool all the time, trying to get me to buy into one of their investment group emails or something.  Those guys are great at the extended, super long, extra special, wait for it, wait for it, now wait for it longer.....tease.  They get me to click on their stuff about 15% of the time just based off of curiosity.  Every time I think they're telling the truth that the "whole story" is just a click away....I find out they fibbed and they want you to sign up for one of their services first with no risk to me since I can cancel at any time.
Good thing we have the internet.  After a quick search for their latest teaser, a report based on a small Virginia firm called One Breakthrough Company with the Key to Global Commerce
I found out from a site called Stock Gumshoe that the company in question is most likely Rosetta Stone (RST).  I've never tried any of their products, so I have no idea whether this would be a good investment or not.  Has anyone reading this ever tried Rosetta Stone software?  I have a couple friends that gave it a shot and I'm looking in your direction guys!
Good luck to anyone that puts some money into RST.


Anonymous said...

My guess is universal translators will reduce the need for people to become bi-lingual. Voice recognition is becoming more and more advanced. But Roseta stone is second to non for training in a second language. Just my humble opinion

Perno said...

I've never used them but have heard good things. I agree universal translators will be big, but those can only go so far in a face-to-face meeting, right?