Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pasco County Trick or Treating Hours

I called the Pasco County Sheriff's Office today to find out what the hours are for trick-or-treating this year. After getting laughed at by the operator, I talked to someone else that informed me there are no set hours for trick-or-treating here in Pasco County, Florida.

I'm just writing this post to help anyone else out that may be looking for the same information, as it's not really readily available anywhere else. So if you're waiting for a certain time to take your kids out...just go! :)

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Better Bet?

What's the better bet this weekend?
1)    Bears at Falcons over/under is 45.5 and I'm thinking of the over - I think it will be a shootout and Matt Ryan is the second coming of Peyton Manning.  I've watched him every game this year and he seems just like Peyton in the way he commands the field and almost always finds someone open down field.  Not to mention his new toy Tony Gonzalez.  The Bears offense is getting better every week, and they have Desmond Clark coming back this week, who seems to always find a seam 15-20 yds down field, not to mention the emergence of Johnny Knox, and the sure handedness of Earl Bennett...and there's always Devin Hester speeding down the field.  This team will have no problem stretching the field on a questionable Atlanta secondary -- as long as Cutler gets his protection.  Did I mention Matt Forte is finally starting to break out? 
2)    This was a better bet yesterday so I'm off of it, but Packers are -13.5 (yesterday they were -14) at home vs. the Lions.  The Lions have showed their offense isn't exactly horrible and the Packers are coming off a very emotional loss against the Vikings.  The downside is the Packers have had 2 weeks to prepare for the Lions and they absolutely must win this game to stay part of the NFC North race.  Ok I just talked myself out of it...
2b)    Cardinals at Seahawks -3 -- Matt Hasselbeck is back and ready to take some names in Seattle.  They're getting healthier every week with a good defense and arguably the best home field advantage in the NFL.  The Cardinals are so up and down that you can never count on them, and I think they'll have a horribly tough time once they get down early in Seattle.
I haven't placed a bet on a sporting event in a couple years, but I think about it every weekend during the NFL season.  We'll see if I pull the trigger this weekend, TGIF!