Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chicks and Cell Phones

So I was in my "special office" yesterday at work (usually this takes
place daily from about 10am to 10:30 or 10:45am depending on what I
ate/drank the night before) where I usually get some of my best
thinking done.

I brought my cell phone into the loo with me to keep me company,
because I never know what/who I may need to Google/text/picture
message (ewww!) from the head. As I was taking out my cell phone to
get the Internet all up and going, while simultaneously pulling down
my knickers, I thought to myself, "wow, that would really be terrible
to drop this pretty little phone (Samsung SGH-T629 slider from
T-Mobile) into that excrement-infested water below, but I've never
really even come close to it luckily."

Just then, I began thinking of everyone I know that has dropped their
cell phone into the crapper by accident. "Ok, there's her, then that
one girl, and my good friend *****...huh that's weird, a bunch of
girls." Now I'm not really a social butterfly, I keep in touch with a
couple people from college and high school, and I've even made some
delicious new friends here in Florida, but everyone I knew that's had
the problem of the ol' "Dropped the Celly in the Stinkwater" was a

Can someone back me up here? Are there any guys out there that have
had the misfortune of watching your personal lifeline to the rest of
the world take a plunge into the deep, cold depths of a pooper?

Maybe it's because girls always have to sit when they "eliminate" so
there's more of a chance of that happening, but I'm not taking that as
a valid excuse. Holla at me, Mike Pernecky (shameless attempt to up
my Google ranking) and PLEASE leave a comment, ya dig?!?!?