Thursday, February 04, 2010

Super Bowl Office Pool Game

I put a little Super Bowl strip card game together for some people and thought it would be useful to put it on the Internet since all the strip cards I found cost money. 

The strip card game is much easier than the traditional football "squares" since you only need to fill 10 spots instead of 100.  Just like the squares, it takes absolutely no football knowledge to enjoy.

Here are the rules, and here is the spreadsheet I put together.  We're playing for haltime and for the end of the game, with the end of the game having the biggest payout.  Let me know if you have any questions, good luck!

EDIT: Go here to generate the random numbers.  Enter "0" for the smallest value and "9" for the largest value, then click "Get Sequence".  Then just fill in the sheet with the numbers.  Tell your coworkers they can watch you do it if they don't trust you.