Tuesday, October 25, 2005

2 More Wins!

Holy cow, this is getting so exciting!  Me, Jonesy, and the wifey were watching game 2 of the World Series at our local watering hole here in Palm Harbor, FL.  There was a Houston fan telling us "we gonna kick y'all's ass!" in a fun little southern twang...but Pauly showed up by belting a grand slam, and then THE NEW little hurt, Scott Podsednik hit his 2nd HR of the postseason.  Very exciting stuff!
I've got tickets to Game 6, but I hope they win it before then.  All this stress is killing me!
Go White Sox!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

White Sox Lose

What a terrible showing by the Pale-Hose last night.  Contreras pitched a gem after he got out of the 3rd inning,  but with all those bonehead plays, they definitely didn't deserve to win.  Must have been all that time off. 
Oh well, still 8 more wins until a championship, and hopefully that number goes down one tonight.

Monday, October 10, 2005

It's about time!

How about them White Sox? Since it was the Red Sox winning it all last year, maybe the White Sox can find a way this year. I'm from Chicago and I'm a Cubs AND Sox fan. 51% Cubs, 49% Sox. The only time I root against the Sox is when they play the Cubs, and that's only a couple series per year.

Why must I be crucified for loving both Chicago teams? I think more people should take up my line of thinking.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Who do I have to know?

How the hell can I get myself to pop up on a Google search? Of all people in the world, I should be able to pop up on a Google search within the first few pages. When I Google "Mike Pernecky", it's all about some imposter from California. Ok, so he's not an imposter, maybe I'm the imposter.

But either way, I'll bet he can't get chicks like I can!
Oh I've also attached a picture of Aubrey, my friend's cousin. Damn she's a hottie!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Just to clarify...

I just wanted to take a second to let everyone know...I ain't no hollaback girl. 
Now that we have that all cleared up, I'd like to say how excited I am to have my little buddy Jonesy moving down here to Florida from Chicago.  Good times will be had by all.  Can't wait to take the little feller to his first Devil Rays game, and show him what a real baseball stadium looks like
Tampa Bay Bucs tickets go on sale soon, so I can go see the Bears whoop up on the Bucs...while getting a sunburn!  Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


So I finally got my money onto Pokerstars.com through Neteller so I can start losing some money playing No Limit Holdem poker online. Every person I talk to that plays poker online wins money. Is that really possible? Would the people that lose money playing poker please stand up? And put one of those fingers on each hand up?

Allison and I are thinking of getting another dog, but we decided against it until we move into an actual house, and I start winning my money on this new-fangled poker dealy. Well we'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'm actually e-mailing this post to my blog!  How crazy that this is possible.  This will make it so much easier to post messages and stuff.  Apparently I have to post onto other people's blogs in order to get them to come to mine.  Interesting.  Kind of like how if you don't share on a peer-to-peer network, people don't let you download from them.
Anyone else get infected by this Aurora - Part of the ABI network spyware thingy?  I just downloaded the thing on mypctuneup.com and it took it right out. 
Oh and Jaylo, soon there will be pictures of me with the donkey.  I have to scan them to file first. 

Saturday, May 14, 2005

B's and Ho's

Hey now! So does anyone really read this besides me, and sometimes my dog? If you do, please post a little reply.

ANYWAYS, I am splitting 5 bottles of wine tonight with 2 other people: my wife and a buddy of mine that will go by the name of Tams. I hope I'm not getting too much grease on this keyboard from the pizza we are consuming. That would be a crying shame. The pizza is pretty decent for being from Florida. If you're wondering, we are drinking both Merlot and Cabernet Sauvingnon from a winery called Blackstone. We are also talking about putting together a wine trip to Sonoma Valley in CA. Oh the great times we'll have!!!

UPDDATE!!! Ever wonder how you can get my wife to sleep with you? Well, you're in luck because she just told me... "Order pizza, get me some wine, and play 'Dino - The Essential Dean Martin' CD". Go get 'er ladies!!!

HOLY CRAP I didn't even bring up the new XBox 360!!! I watched the MTV special on it, and it's totally tits! I am starting to save up some cash so that I can pre-order it before it comes out. Hence the PRE order. Oh so much to talk about, but I don't want to bore you any more Dempsey.

Let's end with a famous poem:

Its easy to grin
When your ship comes in
And you've got the stock market beat
But the man worth while
Is the man who can smile
When his shorts are too tight in the seat

Monday, May 09, 2005

Baby Demps sleeping on a blanket.

Here's Casper, KC's brother. They were both born on my birthday. Different year though. Surprised you didn't know that.

This is our cat, KC Boy. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

What the hell kind of a person has a blog?

So I was taking a dump this afternoon and thought to myself, "what if I went to wipe my butt, and I got poo on my finger, then wiped it on my shirt by accident? Wow that would be something someone would stick in a blog." Or maybe not.

Hey checkout my sister-in-law's-boyfriend's website. He's an interesting cat that loves midget porn, but then again - who doesn't?

Oh yeah, I have a pug, and she is the cutest darned thing in the world. Any other pug lovers out there? I made a little website just for her.

I will update this blog every day. NOT! Ooooh yeah, got you there! This will probably be my only posting ever. Hey, do you want to see a website that should get the award for "most potential to be hilarious, but has faultered miserably thusfar?" Nick Jones everybody. He is a comedic genius, but just won't get his arse in gear. What a maroon.

Mahalo bitches!