Thursday, May 05, 2005

What the hell kind of a person has a blog?

So I was taking a dump this afternoon and thought to myself, "what if I went to wipe my butt, and I got poo on my finger, then wiped it on my shirt by accident? Wow that would be something someone would stick in a blog." Or maybe not.

Hey checkout my sister-in-law's-boyfriend's website. He's an interesting cat that loves midget porn, but then again - who doesn't?

Oh yeah, I have a pug, and she is the cutest darned thing in the world. Any other pug lovers out there? I made a little website just for her.

I will update this blog every day. NOT! Ooooh yeah, got you there! This will probably be my only posting ever. Hey, do you want to see a website that should get the award for "most potential to be hilarious, but has faultered miserably thusfar?" Nick Jones everybody. He is a comedic genius, but just won't get his arse in gear. What a maroon.

Mahalo bitches!

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