Monday, August 18, 2008

Our President

Pretty funny, found this while surfing I'm sure maybe the picture was taken at an angle "just so" or whatever, but he's still a man, right? So is this really out of the ordinary?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flents Quiet Time Comfort Foam Earplugs (Purple Ones)

My wife has been using earplugs to aid her sleeping ever since we were at Northern Illinois University, circa 2000.  So she's become addicted to them and is now at the point where she CAN'T sleep without them.  Like many earplug lovers out there, she had to try a bunch of brands to find just the right fit, and Flents (purple colored) Quiet Time Comfort Foam Earplugs turned out to be the best - so she's been using them for years.  Just a couple weekends ago, she purchased another 10 pack of these earplugs and they weren't as "squishy", and actually hurt her ears so much that she would wake up a few times in the night.  What happened?
Well I called the company, which is actually Apothecary Products out of Minnesota, for an explanation.  I talked with a very nice woman who explained they just switched manufacturers of their foam, and this is causing an uproar in the earplug community.  Ok she didn't say "earplug community" but anyone reading this that isn't one of my friends -- you're a member of the earplug community!  The representative went on to say that they're switching back to the old formula, and the new, original formula earplugs will begin shipping shortly.  They will hit Wal-Mart stores first, then everywhere else.  She also said they will have a sticker on them saying something like "Original Formula!", so make sure you pick one of them up when they become available.
Fear not, earpluggers, your voice has been heard!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Xbox 360 RROD End Result

I'm happy to say Microsoft took great care of me and my faulty Xbox 360 Elite, since it was still within the 3 year "Hardware Failure" warranty period.  I received a brand new Xbox 360 Elite last week (it was manufactured in June of this year), and the total turn around time from the night I placed the call, through packing it up, shipping it out, and receiving it was less than 2 weeks.  I played Civilizations Revolution last night for hours and my sweet little 360 chugged right along, good as new...because it is!  Nice work Microsoft, now stop making terrible hardware!
I can't wait for Netflix online to be accessible through Xbox LIVE later this year!