Monday, August 11, 2008

Xbox 360 RROD End Result

I'm happy to say Microsoft took great care of me and my faulty Xbox 360 Elite, since it was still within the 3 year "Hardware Failure" warranty period.  I received a brand new Xbox 360 Elite last week (it was manufactured in June of this year), and the total turn around time from the night I placed the call, through packing it up, shipping it out, and receiving it was less than 2 weeks.  I played Civilizations Revolution last night for hours and my sweet little 360 chugged right along, good as new...because it is!  Nice work Microsoft, now stop making terrible hardware!
I can't wait for Netflix online to be accessible through Xbox LIVE later this year!


Castellani said...

Dude, my 360 JUST rrod on me, after working flawlessly for 2 years. If you ask me the 3 year still isnt long enough.

I actually have mine packed up in the return shipping box right now, gunna send it out today.

- Dave

P.S. i love ur face

Castellani said...

Also, I am adding your blog to my Google Reader, feel honored. ;-)

Melanie said...

I'm glad you're all fixed up and ready to rock!! Little Cameron is gonna love jammin' with you!!