Thursday, July 24, 2008

Xbox 360 Elite Red Ring of Death

So I was playing Rock Band a few days ago on my Xbox 360 Elite that I received around 13 months ago, and the system froze right in the middle of a song. I just took the disk out, cleaned it, and restarted the system, and that worked fine for the rest of my time playing.

Then yesterday I wanted to play some songs on guitar before my wife got home, so I jumped in right away, and the dang thing froze towards the end of the first song. Restarted, happened again. Restarted, got through 1 or 2 songs, happened again. Got PO'd and had dinner with the Mrs., then I went back to it, same thing happens, froze in the beginning of the first song I tried. I thought "no way can there be a problem with the disc, especially if it's every song." So I shut it down and restarted it then BAM!!! RROD (Red Ring of Death, below). So then I shut it down and restarted it and it wouldn't move past the intro screen when the Xbox first turns on, but it didn't give me the red rings again. I unplugged the Rock Band guitar and started with a regular controller, and it seemed to work ok til I plugged in the guitar again. Either way I already called Xbox Customer Service last night and I'm shipping this thing in.

We'll see what happens!

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