Friday, February 20, 2009

GAVT = Generally Accepted Vampire Traits

I'm sitting here in Land O Lakes, FL with some friends discussing whatever people discuss while sitting at a kitchen table with friends. My friend's wife is a HUGE fan of the Twilight series of books featuring vampires, and my friend has coined a new acronym. The acronym is GAVT and it stands for Generally Accepted Vampire Traits, and my friend is M. Will Tammaro.

Unfortunately Twilight doesn't seem to adhere to GAVT. These vampires have to be torn into pieces and burned in order to die. A wooden stake through the heart just doesn't work on these poor saps. They can eat tons of garlic in their pasta and gravy and not blink an eye...the only thing is they don't eat (weird!) Crucifix? No dice! They can even go into the sunlight without worrying about that pesky burning of the flesh. It's just not right, and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken.

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you to my friend, M. Will Tammaro.