Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chicks and Cell Phones

So I was in my "special office" yesterday at work (usually this takes
place daily from about 10am to 10:30 or 10:45am depending on what I
ate/drank the night before) where I usually get some of my best
thinking done.

I brought my cell phone into the loo with me to keep me company,
because I never know what/who I may need to Google/text/picture
message (ewww!) from the head. As I was taking out my cell phone to
get the Internet all up and going, while simultaneously pulling down
my knickers, I thought to myself, "wow, that would really be terrible
to drop this pretty little phone (Samsung SGH-T629 slider from
T-Mobile) into that excrement-infested water below, but I've never
really even come close to it luckily."

Just then, I began thinking of everyone I know that has dropped their
cell phone into the crapper by accident. "Ok, there's her, then that
one girl, and my good friend *****...huh that's weird, a bunch of
girls." Now I'm not really a social butterfly, I keep in touch with a
couple people from college and high school, and I've even made some
delicious new friends here in Florida, but everyone I knew that's had
the problem of the ol' "Dropped the Celly in the Stinkwater" was a

Can someone back me up here? Are there any guys out there that have
had the misfortune of watching your personal lifeline to the rest of
the world take a plunge into the deep, cold depths of a pooper?

Maybe it's because girls always have to sit when they "eliminate" so
there's more of a chance of that happening, but I'm not taking that as
a valid excuse. Holla at me, Mike Pernecky (shameless attempt to up
my Google ranking) and PLEASE leave a comment, ya dig?!?!?


David said...

Dude, thats so wack. Now that you mention it, I've only known chicks to do that too. Maybe its because they just don't appreciate the toys as much as we do.

Lesli said...

i can speak from experience. i was at starbuster's bar in good ol' dekalb, illinois, when lo and behold i dropped my celly in the potty. now - this is how it went down. girls (if they don't hold a purse when they go out) usually put their cell phone in their back pocket. that's where mine was. when the pants are on, zipped up nice and tight, it stays in place. however, when you unzip and pull down, the cell phone is jostled around enough and facing completly downward into the water until you clear the bowl. If it falls out due to the slack, you are in trouble. I still feel guilty for the Verizon employee that had to handle my phone after that, when it just suddenly "stopped working." that was cruel.

Anonymous said...

Also, I think guys wear larger pants with deeper pockets, so that might keep their phones safer from the abyss that is the toliet. I, for one, usually carry a purse, so this has luckily never happened to me! As you know though, Mike, I do tend to lose my phone in elevator shafts!! But, that's a story for another time!! (Allison here... I'm neither a blogger nor a Google account holder, so I was forced to choose anonymous).