Monday, February 07, 2011

Blend Fitness

So I'm going to start a new workout regimen starting tomorrow around 6 am. I signed up for this new gym called Blend Fitness in Lutz, FL, it's open 24 hours and it's kind of/sort of in the back of our subdivision (takes about 5 minutes to get there) so it's pretty convenient.

Now that I think about it, I could potentially ride my bike there in the morning and get 10-15 minutes of cardio out of the way before I even get there! Thanks for the idea, internet!

Anyways, I'm going to take measurements and stuff to see how much my body changes, and I'll post the changes here just so I can come back to it next year and reminisce to the good ol' days, when my body gets fat all over again. That's the spirit, Mike!

Waist: 42"
Right Bicep: 17 7/8"

Allison Pernecky, my little wife, helped me with the measurements and we took the waist measurement from just above where my hip bones ended. That's what the Google told us to do, so that' how we'll do it.

As for food and stuff, I think the first few weeks I'm just going to work out and not concentrate too much on my diet. I think my diet will improve naturally with me working out, it seems I eat better things when I'm actively working out than when I'm sedentary, so we'll so how that goes. After the first month or so I'll need to cut back on portions more, and concentrate more on what I'm putting into my body, but I don't want to shock it just yet.

I've asked some friends if they thought it would be a good idea to post pictures of me in my underwear to see how my body changes through the weeks and months...but they all said no. No idea why.

So we'll see what happens this time around. My goal is to weigh around 225 lbs and take inches off of my waist while adding inches to my arms. Thanks for reading.


Davey C said...


Melanie said...

Yeah really, I wouldn't mind the undie pics either! LoL! What's with the picture of Gizmo tho?

Perno said...

Mel, it's because I'm hairy like a mogwai. I'll send you guys some pics to your cell phones, watch out!

Lauren said...

Good luck, buddy!

Melanie said...

That's bro, I'll be waiting! ;)

Cheryl Moon said...

Good luck! Good to see you blogging again. :)