Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicago Bears Players on Twitter

I did a Google search for Chicago Bears players on Twitter and it seemed a little hard to find a list of Bears players on Twitter, so I thought I'd start one. Here are the ones I know of, please comment if you know of any others (even ex-Bears are cool).

Jay Cutler: @jcutler6 (thanks ScottSandSkokie)
Greg Olsen: @gregolsen82
Matt Forte: @chitownforte22
Devin Hester: @d_hest23
Tommie Harris: @RealDeal91
Jason Davis: @JasonDavis43
Desmond Clark: @tightwork88


Fontel Mines: @FMines89
Jason McKie: @Jmack37
Bernard Berrian: @B_Twice
Kyle Orton (maybe): @kyleorton08
Feel free to follow me @Perno


ScottSandSkokie said...

Jay Cutler's on as well!


Hollywood said...

Chris Harris - @ChrisHarrisNFL
Matt Forte - @MattForte22
Chester Taylor - @CTaylor29 (Maybe?)
Robbie Gould 0 @RobbieGould09 (Maybe?)