Monday, November 07, 2011

Chicago Bears Podcast - The Bear Garden

My friend Nick Jones and I have jumped into the world of podcasting.  We have a Chicago Bears podcast entitled "The Bear Garden Podcast", and you can find the blog page here.  So far we've recorded 10 episodes, and I think it's the best Chicago Bears podcast you can find on iTunes, so give it a listen!

Here's an excerpt from our 10th episode:

Here it is!  Let us just warn you...we didn't have much to talk about during the Bears' bye, so we flew in a special guest...our friend named Pete from Minnesota.  We cover some general Bears talk, but we also get to witness Nick after performing over 2 "Power Hours" by the time the show was over. Some of the random things we touch on: UTEP, Merril Hoge, Mike Adamle, Sweetness, Tom Skilling, Jeff Skilling, internet searching, AP, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Big Cat Williams.


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