Saturday, January 16, 2010

How I Ate Baby Puke

When my wife and I are hard up and looking for a meal to feed our 15-month-old Cameron, we usually turn to a nice and light frozen dinner. They're cheap, usually nutritious, and sometimes even tasty!

Well today we've been cleaning the house all day and didn't have the time or energy to make a nice meal so we heated up Michelina's Five Cheese Lasagna for the little guy. He loves pasta and we figured this would be right up his alley.

Tastes better without baby bile.

At first Cameron didn't take to it very well because he just had his 15 month vaccine shots, and his last 2 baby teeth are cutting through (yeah, the last 2 at 15 months old...jeepers) so he's a little crabby, has a slight fever, and a little cough...all expected. To get him to taste it I put some lasagna on his spoon and let him feed it to himself since he enjoys having control (I wonder who he got that from?)

He did well with feeding himself for his standard amount of time, about 5 minutes...after that I had to think of something else to make the food interesting, so I decided to pick up the lasagna with my bare hands and feed it to him like a wrap/sandwich. This 2nd feeding phase went very well, he had 3, 4, maybe 5 bites and loved it.

As a new parent, one of the best parts about having a new human in our lives (besides the love, compassion, teaching, blah blah blah) is eating whatever leftovers Cameron leaves on his plate, or even eating his food along with him. Sure, I'm probably the heaviest I've ever been, but for now I'm blaming it on the holidays and just enjoying the extra 300+ calories I'm eating since Cam never eats all his food. Sorry to digress...

So I was wrapping the lasagna, feeding it to Cam, taking a tiny bite for myself here and there, feeding it to Cam, etc. Cam was coughing regularly while he was eating, and here's where it gets gross. As I was about to give him another bite of his lasagna sandwich, he ended up vomiting up a few tablespoons of digested lasagna on his shirt. "Aww poor guy" we thought, "maybe it's time to stop feeding him." Then I had the bright idea of having one more bite of the wrapped up lasagna in my marina-stained hands...chew-chew-swallow. Uh oh...I say to Allison, "umm, I think I just ate some of Cam's puke." "How did that happen and how do you know it's puke?" she asked. To which I replied "apparently Cam got some puke on the lasagna, I took a bite, and now I can taste the bile I usually taste after vomiting. Awesome."

Allison was pretty disgusted and said she would have vomited on the spot if the same had happened to her, but not this guy...I'm not going to waste a nice bite of lasagna. Sure it had a bitter aftertaste from the bile/acid in Cam's stomach, but overall I'd say it was pretty tasty.

This is what happens when you have kids, beware youngsters!


Melanie said...

OMG! I have tears streaming down my cheeks!

Allison said...

Like I said on Facebook, I cannot fathom how you you even had the desire to eat a bit of anything after seeing partially digested lasagna dripping down Cam's shirt! So gross!

Allison said...

And apparently I cannot write worth a crap based off my comment above. Nice! You eat baby vomit, I lack writing skills! We're a match made in Heaven!

Kelly said...

omg, that is so disgusting and funny. Poor Cam, I hope he feels better soon!