Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Blog Post Idea

I always have blog subject ideas coming to me and I've decided to try this one out for a bit.  What I'll do is take a look at the last 5 pictures I've taken with my T-Mobile G1 (I should get paid for that mention), and pick one to write a quick post on. 

Realistically it will probably happen once a month since I only whip out my camera phone about once per week.  Let's get really crazy and include cell phone videos in this too!  I won't count any pics I take of Cameron since that kid has his own blog.

So this picture was taken at our great buddies Matt and Kelly's house this past Saturday.  Allison's 30th birthday was on Sunday and the Cakies were nice enough to surprise her with a cake.  Best part about my wife's birthday? I finally get to make out with a 30 year old! Thanks for making my dreams come true honey!


Allison said...

It's my pleasure! Glad I could be thirty in order to fulfill your fantasies! Weirdo.

Kelly said...

Man, it's been a long time since I've read your blog!

Perno said...

Kelly I expect you to check my blog at least 3 times per day, thanks!