Saturday, December 06, 2008

International Beer Garten Opening Soon

EDIT: It's officially open, and I've been here quite a few times. It's Pernecky Approved.

This is more of a selfish post, but I guess having a blog dedicated to myself is pretty selfish to begin with, right?

Anyways, there is a new bar opening up within (LONG) walking distance from our house, about 1.5 miles away in the new Northpointe Village in Lutz, FL - near Land O Lakes and Odessa. It's called the International Beer Garten and was originally scheduled to open in the trendy Hyde Park area of South Tampa, but they had some zoning problems, so we will gladly welcome them with open arms! As you can guess from the name, they'll be offering tons of different beers in bottle form (over 300 per their website) and on draft (40 taps), along with a selection of pizza and appetizers.

I stopped in to check out the place yesterday and it's coming along swimmingly. I chatted with (someone I believe to be) one of the owners, and she's hoping to open the doors for business this Thursday, December 11th, for a soft opening with the grand opening to follow later.

The interior looks great, lots of brick and a large wood bar, a few big screen LCD TV's, and plenty of taps just begging to be filled with hoppy goodness. I'd suggest checking out their website at to find out the latest details on product offerings and when the place will open. I know I'll be watching, as my wife and I can't wait to try this place out!

If you're the owner of the International Beer Garten in Lutz, and would like me to add/delete something from this post, please send me an email, mikepernecky [at] gmail [dawt] com.


Kelly O said...

Sounds like a fun place. I am sure we will be going there with you often.

sonnypeters said...

this beer selection at this place will satisfy even the snobbiest of palates. cheers

lesli said...

did this place open and if so is it wonderful?

Perno said...

It opened, it's cool, but a little pricey. Good beers, mostly nice people. If I had unlimited disposable income I'd be here a lot more!