Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beer in Fridge Directly Related to Disposable Income

So here I am, about 3.3 months from becoming a father if all goes as planned.  Yup, September 30th of 2008 is the day our little son, Cameron, is scheduled to bring his sweet feet into this world.
Just like any parents-to-be, my wife and I are saving every penny we can to help pay for this terrible investment / bundle of joy because apparently, babies need to be changed more than once or twice a day, and those diaper costs can really add up!
So since I've buckled down and tried to spend money only on necessities like gas, food, and the occasional hoppy beverage, I've noticed a terrible occurrence.  My fridge has lost beauties like this:
And have since been replaced with the likes of this:
So as you can imagine, I'm not the happiest of campers.  Ah well, I guess having a son will all make up for it.  How about anyone reading this?  Have you had to spend less money on the finer things in life to save some money?


lesli said...

hilarious mike simply hilarious! though mark has not yet settled for coors light, we are trying to cut down on other things, mostly DRIVING. that seems to be the biggest money saver. so we just stay our lazy butts at home. and we have 5.3 more months of this to survive.

lauren said...

A bad investment:) haha...HORRIBLE!! I am so poor it is sick. I am a college student, which makes it worse! Thank goodness for my sugar daddy Gregg! ;)

Melanie said...

The sacrifices we all make for our children!!