Sunday, January 21, 2007

Microwaving as art

Let's cut to the chase...I microwave a lot of food. It takes of lot
of carbs, fats, proteins, and alcohol to maintain my slim and trim
weight of 240 lbs. Luckily, most alcohol doesn't have to be heated up
so I stick to microwaving those other calorie contributors.

For the longest time I've put my foods in the microwave, punched in a
few minutes on the display of the glorious magic heating box, and let
the little guy work it's magic. Most of the time I'd have to stir my
food halfway through the process to help my sweet microwaving buddy
heat my food more thoroughly.

I'm writing today more as a Public Service Announcement than here's the announcement: DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOUR
MICROWAVE POWER SETTINGS!!! Sure, we've all tooled around with these
settings at one point or another, whether it be a Hungry Man meal or
two, or even a Lean Cuisine for you ladies out there! Unfortunately,
I have yet to meet anyone that regularly adjusts the power settings to
achieve optimal levels of food heating. Well if you're reading this,
then please do me a favor and start spreading the word...the power
settings are actually useful!

For instance, I usually do my microwaving at work, heating up all the
delicious leftovers my little wife makes for us (thanks
Giada!)...she's quite the catch! Anywho, the other day I had 4 pieces
of marinated flank steak, a big spoonful of mac 'n cheese with
chicken, and 3 meatballs to top it off. All I did was set the
microwave to about 4:30 or 5 mins, pressed start, and dropped the
power setting to 5 out of 10. All that does is turn the magnetron
(the device that transmits the heatwaves into your food) on for 5/10
(or 1/2) of the time, and off for 5/10 of the time, going between the
on/off every :15 seconds or so. If you have 6/10, the magnetron stays
on a little longer than it stays off, and 4/10 stays off longer than
on. You get the picture.

I could go on and on about this, but I can't stress enough...even
though this might add a minute or so to your microwaving, it will be
worth it in the long run. Go ahead, give it a shot...don't be afraid
of those power settings...they're there for a reason!

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lesli said...

wow u are one smart mofo!!! this was interesting!