Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cakey Crisis!

Earlier today, Matt Osikowicz threatened to revoke the Honorary Cakey Membership bestowed upon us (my wife and I) by the residents of Cakey Manor during our trip to Asheville, NC.  Luckily, my quick-thinking wife diffused the situation quickly, and our relationship has been salvaged. 
Thank goodness.  Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Long Live The Cakey's!!!

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Anonymous said...

every once in a while I will google myself online and wouldn't you know it, on the second web page of search results, I come across the “cakey crisis”. Well first off, Let me apologize upfront, I don’t even remember why I was threatening to revoke your membership, it was around x-mas time and that doesn’t seem to be in the holiday spirit. Secondly, once you are an honorary cakey’s, you are one for life, kinda like the mob, actually just like the mob those rat bastards stole our creedo. Anyways, I am going to tell you this one time and one time only, ONCE A CAKEY, ALWAYS A CAKEY. There is no turning back now. I am the DON of ‘Cakey Manor’ and you will refer to me as such. Your sole purpose from this point forward is to make sure the cakey’s are always happy. And if you have trouble doing this….well I don’t even want to say what will happen then.
Now you cuddley love muffins go ahead and have a great night.