Monday, September 18, 2006


This weekend started out pretty terribly...on Friday we played poker with some friends (No Limit Holdem, Tournament Style) and I was the first one out, so that was kind of sad.  At least my good buddy Miller Lite can't say no, so we had a great evening listening to "Sexyback" by JT.  Good times.
Saturday the Fightin' Irish of Notre Dame got their tails handed to them by Michigan, almost totally taking away all hopes of a national title.  At least the loss came early in the year, maybe they figure something out. 
Luckily on Sunday the Chicago Bears put a hurting on the Detroit Lions!!!  This pretty much saved my weekend, I was expecting the Lions to come to play just to make my weekend horrible, but to no avail!  Sexxxy Rexxxy looked great, Bernard Berrian was stunning, even the tight ends got into the mix!  Now all they need is a running game and they'll be Miami-bound in February!
Oh, and now for the reason the subject of this blog is "beerfest"...# of beers I had each night:
Friday: ~ 12 Miller Lite's
Saturday: ~ 20 Bud Light's (started at 3:30pm)
Sunday: ~ 7 Bud Light's
GRAND TOTAL: 39 beers this weekend.  Ouch.  Oh my brother also got cut off at a casino in Las Vegas.  What a proud weekend for the Pernecky family!
Check ya later!

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